Climate Strike – join the action 20-27 Sept

In recent months millions of school students across the globe have been on strike for climate justice. Their actions have forced governments and organisations across the world to declare a climate emergency. But declarations are not enough, and we need to keep up this pressure as climate breakdown is already having devastating effects on communities around the world and is causing widespread mass extinctions and destruction of ecosystems. Climate breakdown is a trade union issue. Trade unionists must play a central role in shaping the way society’s economic and social organisation meets the needs of present-day and future generations, contributing to the struggle for climate justice to protect those most vulnerable and least responsible. 

On Tuesday 10 September the TUC unanimously passed the UCU motion proposing a 30-minute work stoppage in solidarity with the climate strikers on 20 September ( The climate strike on 20 September is the first day in a week of protests and events to galvanise climate action.

We invite you to support and participate in the events taking place in the week of Earth Strike (20-27 September) that the Goldsmiths unions have organised, alongside the Lewisham branch of the National Education Union. 

These events are intended to address local and global climate emergency and environmental issues, including Lewisham’s public health crisis caused by air pollution. (For research into the effects of traffic and construction on air pollution in Lewisham see the citizen science study led by Jennifer Gabrys:

20th September:


30-minute work stoppage rally in solidarity with school strikers outside the Richard Hoggart Building with speakers from Goldsmiths unions and beyond. There will be musical and singing contributions related to climate emergency and environmental justice. 

4.30-6.00pm (See facebook event page here)

Lewisham NEU colleagues and student strikers from local schools will be joining us at 4.30 for a short rally in front of RHB. This will be followed by march along New Cross Road from Goldsmiths to the LeSoCo Building in Deptford, the 48th most polluted road in the UK. Bring placards, banners and wear face-mask if you have one.

27th September


Lewisham Climate Emergency Assembly invites everyone at Goldsmiths, school pupils, teachers, parents, local residents to Goldsmiths.

Rally in front of RHB 

  • Sakina Sheikh (Labour MP for Penge East and works for Platform), 
  • Adam Abdullah (Lewisham Young Mayor)
  • Alex Kelbert (Black Lives Matter UK)
  • Liam Geary Bauch (former pupil at Askes, former student at Goldsmiths, has been involved in multiple performative protests on climate emergence, against the arms trade, etc)

6.00- 7.00pm


The speakers will be followed by workshop discussions in small groups with a view to sharing ideas to for further actions on air pollution and climate emergency in Lewisham. The venue is the Stretch, SU, Goldsmiths.


Networking opportunities and refreshments (some food and non-alcoholic drinks)

See our Eventbrite page for more details

If you have any questions or would like to contribute, please contact Ros Gray (