Motions on pensions and outsourced workers (Passed at AGM 17.10.18)


Goldsmiths UCU notes 

  • the sacrifices of UCU members in taking strike action to reject the proposed and unnecessary changes to the USS pension scheme
  • that the JEP report justifies our position in taking this action given the clear flaws in the 2017 valuation process
  • the proposed increase in contributions to maintain existing benefits is due to start in 2019

This branch believes that

  • members should not bear the cost of any increased contributions which should instead be covered by the employers
  • any final offer from the employers in relation to the JEP report must be put to members
  • the National Dispute Committee should guide the JNC based on policy determined at SHEC.

Proposed Gholam K Seconded Des F



This branch notes that outsourced workers at the central University of London* have been campaigning since September 2017 to end outsourcing and be made direct employees of the university. This campaign has the support of the vast majority of the outsourced workers at the University of London demonstrated by the fact that in April 2018 they held the largest outsourced workers’ strike in the history of UK higher education.

This branch further notes that outsourced workers, the majority of whom are migrant workers or BAME, suffer from far worse terms and conditions than the majority white British colleagues that are directly employed by the university. They are also far more likely to suffer from bullying, discrimination and unlawful deduction of wages.

This branch further notes that almost a year after the University of London began its facilities management review (November 2017) outsourced workers are still in limbo, waiting to be given a clear timetable under which they will be made direct employees. In this period they continue to suffer under a regime of structural discrimination, where they are vulnerable to unfair and ill treatment.

This branch further notes that the university has ignored all calls by the workers to go into substantive negotiations with them and the union that represents the vast majority of the outsourced workers, the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain. Consequently, the workers have been excluded from the University of London’s facilities management review, a review that would have a significant impact on the work they do and on their terms and conditions.

Rather than engage with the workers, the university has opted for strong arm tactics to try and break their campaign, employing dozens of strike breakers and extra security, at a significant cost.

This branch therefore resolves to support the latest initiative in support of outsourced workers – full details to be provided at the AGM.

Proposed Roberto M, Seconded Annie G