Agenda for Today’s Meeting

General Meeting today at 12pm, RHB2017
1. Motions for congress
The branch will vote on the following motions for UCU congress:
Congress notes
•       The signing in May 2013 of a cloud computing deal between the Janet network and Microsoft 
•       The increased use of outsourcing by universities of email facilities to private systems such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google
•       The participation of Microsoft in NSA surveillance operations 
•       The inadequate privacy provisions of private cloud data storage services
Congress believes
That university staff should have the right to exercise real choice about how they access and store data locally 
Congress resolves 
•       To call on branches to urge institutions to review their contracts with Microsoft for the MS Office 365 Cloud Email and Calendar services in light of the recent NSA revelations and to seek alternative and viable provision when the contracts expire
•       To urge institutions to adopt, wherever possible, open access and open source software services for email and data.
Proposed by Marianne Franklin
Congress notes:
•       David Cameron’s Guildhall speech in November 2013 in which he said that austerity should be ‘permanent’
•       That the majority of public sector cuts have yet to be put in place
•       The success of the People’s Assembly in uniting people in action against austerity from across the trade union, labour, progressive and anti-cuts movement.
Conference believes:
•       That an effective anti-austerity movement can facilitate the revival of workplace confidence and increase the possibility of coordinated action by trade unionists against austerity
•       That a weak recovery that does not raise working class living standards or stop the cuts is likely to increase anger at the government.
Conference agrees:
•       To confirm its support for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity
•       To support and actively encourage members to attend the national anti-cuts demonstration called by the People’s Assembly and the NUT on 21 June 2014.
Proposed by Des Freedman
2. Marking Boycott
Following a series of two-hour strikes and one-day strikes, the next stage of the pay dispute will take the form of a marking boycott in effect from the 28th of April.
Motion from Des Freedman:
This branch resolves to requisition a recall Higher Education Sector Conference under rule 16.10. This sector conference should be called to discuss the conduct of the current pay dispute, including preparation for the marking boycott that starts on 28 April, the union’s national response should punitive pay docking occur as as reaction to the boycott, and a demand that any offer from the employers should be considered by members.
3. AOB

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